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A NEW Technology Has Finally caught up with Energy Costs.
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Commercial Applications:

Windows are an essential aspect of modern day architecture, breathing warmth and life into any interior by inviting natural light in and providing a view to the outside world.

Unfortunately, unwelcome heat is also let in, together with glare and damaging Ultra Violet rays. Air-conditioning bills increase due to the excessive heat load. Most metallized or dyed window films do not provide optimal solar control, instead cutting out light, turning the interior dull and gloomy and are internally reflective, making them difficult to see through.

Madico is the first in the world to introduce Multi-Layered Ceramic films which compliment today’s growing demands for using large architectural glass structure for buildings with their excellent solar control performance, optimal clarity and low reflectivity.

The unparalleled durability of nano-ceramic films is assured with a 10-year - Lifetime product warranty*. The superb Total Solar Energy Rejection also plays a vital role in conserving energy with significant reduction in utility costs, enhancing companies “Go Green” efforts.

Madico nano-ceramic films are also easily installed and comes in a neutral tone that matches and enhances any existing glass, without running the aesthetics of the original design.

    Energy Savings:
  • Provides significant heat reduction, lowering air conditioning cooling load and energy consumption
  • Prolongs life span of air conditioning system and reduces utility bills

  • German Protection:
  • High ultraviolet rejection that exceeds 99.9%
  • Protects occupants from the sun's harmful radiation
  • Slows down the fading process of interior fixtures and furnishings
  • Improves shatter resistance, creating a safer environment

  • Cool Comfort:
  • High total solar energy rejection of up to 70%*
  • Enhances interior comfort with reduced glare - cooler and more comfortable living environment
    *data provided depends on types of Madico film used.

  • Superb Durability:
  • 100% dye-free and metal-free*; no demetallization or discoloration
  • Tested for UV degradation beyond the expected life cycle of both conventional dyed and metallic films
  • Residential limited lifetime and commercial fifteen-year limited product warranty
    *Madico Ceramic Series only

  • Classic Aesthetics:
  • Enhances overall aesthetics with a soft veil of European luxury
  • No garish metallic or shiny effects that cause light pollution
  • Low "mirror-like" effects, allowing a spectacular view of the outside world

  • Professional Consultancy:
  • Committed in providing professional consultancy service with site inspections and energy audit reports
  • Meeting customer’s requirements for optimal solar control solutions

  • Professional Installations:
  • National Dealer Network Program with experienced authorized dealers committed to professionalism in service and quality installation, meeting the customers' requirements for optimal solar control solutions

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