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Security Window Film Series
from Madico USA

Security Smart Film
Madico Security Films provide protection from the uncertain. These films are designed to increase your protection, well being, and comfort. They provide protection against natural catastrophes, hurricanes, explosions, bomb blasts, vandalism, burglary, common glass breakage and turbulent weather. These Smart Films dramatically minimize the extreme dangers of glass-shattering, maximizing security and safety from burglaries and unwanted vandalism. These Smart Films provide security protection while permitting a clear appearance with natural light and fade reduction.

Natural Disasters
Natural disasters can happen in an instance with turbulent weather that is a part of our everyday lives and the earth's natural environment. Madico Security Films help to prevent glass from shattering by holding the glass together, which provides protection from sharp shattered glass pieces as well as flying glass that is common with earthquakes, tornadoes, hurricanes and high winds. Turbulent weather can damage your home as well as harm pedestrians. Huper Optik Security Films provide protection from shattered and flying glass.

Burglary Invasions
Burglary is common in this day and age and many thieves find entrances through windows into your home, buildings or even automobiles. Access is gained by breaking through the windows. With Security Films burglary is deterred because the glass will break but not shatter leaving them looking at a "spider web" of broken glass that is not permitting them to enter through the window, drastically slowing down their efforts and dramatically increasing your safety.

Scratch Resistant Hard Coat
Madico Security Films have a scratch resistant barrier as well, which helps to protect your windows from scratches and scuffs. All Madico films come with an acrylic based, pure hydrocarbon molecular hard coat. This protective top layer acts as a scratch resistant barrier to any minor abrasion through the normal care of the windows. All Madico films are tested under ECE 43 abrasion tests with the result of 1.3% haze measurement.


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